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        pa·tri·ot \ ˈpā-trē-ət , -ˌät , chiefly British ˈpa-trē-ət \
        Noun :  a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.
     who loves and supports his or her country
              …praised as a motivated patriot who was fearless in the quest to preserve American security.
                                                        —W. R. Hearst, Jr.

Famous Patriots

  • Wanted independence from Britain
  • Wanted their own country called United States of America
  • Another name: Sons of Liberty


 Famous Patriots:

  • John Adams
  • Sam Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin

Our Patriots

John Warren GA Capt, CS
John Barnett GA Sol, PS
Israel Manning MA Cpl
John Adams MA PS, SDI
Jedediah Taylor MA Pvt
Ephraim True MA Pvt
Elizabeth Ensor MD PS
William Smallwood MD PS
William Wheeler MD Ens
Elizabeth Ensor MD PS
William Smallwood MD PS
William Wheeler MD Ens
Solomon Rice/Royse MD Pvt, PS
Esau Brooks MD Pvt
Zachariah Robertson MD Pvt
Basil Waring MD Lt
Philip Wolfe NC Sol
Joseph Brown NC Pvt
Thomas Suggs NC PS
Nathan Bell NC Lt
William Carr NC Pvt
Jacob Wells NC Pvt
Enoch Stone NC PS
John Tillman NC Pvt
John Gooding NC PS
James Keenan NC Col, PS
Richard Timberlake NC Cpl
Nathan Bell NC Lt
John Hargis NC Pvt, CS
William Heritage NC LCol
John Hargis NC Pvt, CS
Christopher Houston NC Capt, PS
John Hoyle NC Ens, CS, PS
Peter Mull NC Capt, PS
Nathan Bell NC Lt
Isham East NC Pvt
Edwin Hickman NC Pvt
James Hutchison NC CS, PS
John Allen NC Pvt, CS
John Floyd NC Lt PS
Samuel Goodman NC Cpl
William Nunn NC Capt
Joseph Parker NC CS
Christopher Houston NC Capt, PS
Charles Bullock NC Capt, PS
John Tillman NC Pvt
Joseph Moore NC CS
Benjamin Boykin NC PS
James Howard NC PS
John Howell NC PS
David Mcadoo NC PS
John Mclean NC CS, PS
Peter Tatum NC CS, PS
Robert Hendry NC Sol
John Cortright NJ CS
Silas Newcomb NJ BGen
Henry Van Blarcom NJ Capt
Frederick Buckelew NJ Pvt
Michael Finger NY Sol
Abraham Hasbrouck NY Col, PS
William Conklin NY Ens, PS
Pettit Baxter NY Pvt
Jacob Lobdell NY Pvt
William Teed NY Pvt
Walter Quackenbush NY Pvt, PS
Petrus Terwilliger NY Pvt
David Wills PA Pvt
Ephraim Garrison PA Sol
Andrew Mann PA Capt
Adam Marsh PA Pvt
James Martin PA Capt
Samuel Morris PA Capt
Jacob Tarwater PA Pvt, PS
Michael Lei PA PS
Nathan Goff RI CS, PS
Michael Muckenfuss SC PS
Morton Wilkinson SC Col, CS, PS
Joseph Reese SC PS
Samuel Cross SC Pvt, PS
William Stackhouse SC PS
Peter Gaillard SC Capt
John Jones SC Pvt
Reuben Kirkland SC Sol
William Nicholson SC Sol
William Baker SC CS
Thomas Hughes SC Sol
John Warren SC Pvt, PS
John Livingston SC Pvt
Nathaniel Jeffery SC Capt, PS
Burgess Reeves SC Sol
David Goodlett SC Pvt
Austin Stone SC Pvt, CS, PS
Robert Nelson SC StaffOf, PS
John Jones SC Pvt
Benjamin Goodman SC PS
Jeremiah Jones SC Pvt
Moses Hollis SC Sol, CS
George Summers SC Pvt
George Morse SC CS, PS
Robert Nesmith SC Sol
Burgess Reeves SC Sol
Thomas Hughes SC Sol
Adam Cusack SC PS
Jacob Rambo SC Pvt
William Richardson SC Capt, PS
William  Boyd SC Sol, CS
Robert Dunlap SC Pvt
Henry Harding SC Sol
John Harding SC Pvt
John Seeley SC PS
Elizabeth Walker SC PS
John Hodges SC Pvt
James Blakeslee SC Pvt
John Hearne VA Sol
William Sublett VA Sol
Edmund King VA Capt, PS
James Butts VA Sol
William Wyatt VA Sol, PS
Samuel Cecil VA CS, PS
John Bird VA PS
John Bradley VA Pvt
Golding Tinsley VA Pvt
William Cunningham VA Sol
Isaac Clark VA PS
John Hurst VA PS
Edward Nunnally VA Sgt
Lucy Nunnally VA PS
William Parish VA PS
James Malcolm VA Sol
Berryman Green VA Capt
Nathaniel Terry VA CS, PS
Hendricks Brower VA Pvt
Edmund King VA Capt, PS
John Dixon VA PS
William Dixon VA PS
Matthew French VA Pvt, PS
Samuel Hatton VA PS
Maher Lyle VA Sol, PS
Stephen Watts VA Capt
Thomas Burroughs VA PS
Brackett Owen VA PS
Isaac Cundiff VA Pvt
Thomas Collier VA Capt, C,S PS
Thomas Massey VA Maj
John Paine VA PS
Philip Paine VA Sol
Charles Chinn VA CS
Ichabod Daniels VA PS
Samuel Cecil VA CS, PS
Henry Jeter VA Lt
Matthew Bolton VA Sol
Benjamin Branch VA Capt, PS
Patriots are listed alphabetical order in their state of service. 
BGen -  Brigadier General
Capt - Captain
Cdr - Commander
Chp - Chaplain
Col - Colonel
LCol - Lieutenant Colonel
Cpl - Corporal
CS - Civil Service
Ens - Ensign
LCR - Lieutenant Commander
Lt - Lieutenant
Maj - Major
PS - Patriotic Service
Pvt -  Private
StaffOf - Staff Officer
Sgt - Sergeant
SDI - Signer of Declaration of Independance
Sol - Soldier
Patriots States of Service
CT - Connecticut
DE - Delaware
GA - Georgia
MD - Maryland
NC - North Carolina
NH - New Hampshire
VT - Vermont
VA - Virginia
SC - South Carolina
RI - Rhode Island
PA - Pennsylvania
NY - New York
NJ - New Jersey

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